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Based in Ireland, Arts Specialist Flooring Ltd is an established provider of Ucrete heavy duty polyurethane resin binder industrial flooring.


Ucrete industrial flooring is a unique suite of products offering a range of surface profile and performance specifications. These systems have an excellent resistance to damage from aggressive chemicals, heavy impact and thermal shock. Thousands of satisfied local and multinational clients, in countries on all continents and in all industries over more than 30 years, attest to Ucrete’s ability to provide long-term, problem-free and therefore, cost-effective, flooring protection in the most difficult environments. Without doubt, Ucrete flooring is the system of choice for discerning end users, specifiers and contractors worldwide. Our competence in the field of industrial flooring and finishes is based on many years of experience providing industrial floors that are durable and meet high in service demands.

All Arts Specialist Flooring Ucrete industrial flooring systems are applied by trained specialist applicators to ensure the long-term performance and guarantee you get a solution tailored made to meet your needs. All materials are manufactured to independently audited ISO 9001:2000 quality standards.

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Applications include:

  • Food preparation
    Commercial, hospital and prison kitchens, fast food, airline catering, ready meals.
  • Food processing
    Dairies, bakeries, meat processing, pickling, sauces, conserves, freezers, wash bays.
  • Drinks & beverages
    Breweries, distilleries, soft drinks, fruit juice, mineral water, bottling and canning.
  • Pharmaceutical
    Primary and secondary manufacture, research, clean rooms, pilot plants.
  • Chemical
    Tanker reception, process, bunded stores.
  • Engineering
    Plating, vehicle maintenance and all heavy use areas... and all wet process environments.

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A.R.T.S Ltd

A.R.T.S Ltd
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